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Aug 7, 2023 | Start Freelance Writing

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Freelance writing isn’t just a side hustle. It’s a viable career that can provide a real paycheck. It’s a way to achieve financial freedom, to be able to do things like travel and spoil your family without having to worry about money. And the best part? You can do it all from the comfort of your own home, on your own terms.

I’m here to tell you that it’s possible. I’m a six-figure freelance writer. I’ve done it, and so can you.

BUT as a mom, time is a precious commodity. We can’t afford to waste it hunting around the internet, trying to make sense of all the free resources out there. We can’t afford to be distracted by shiny object syndrome, constantly chasing after the next big thing.

So if you don’t want your husband, parents, co-workers, friends, or anyone else giving you the side-eye when it’s been months and you still haven’t made a dime…

Then you need a clear, proven path to follow…

That’s why I want to tell you about one of my writing and business coaches, Abbi, and her program “Writing for Money.”

“Writing for Money” is the ultimate program for busy women looking to kickstart their freelance writing business and get paid for their words. Created by Abbi, a seasoned freelancer with over 20 years of experience, this program is your ticket to financial independence, all from the comfort of your own home.

Forget about needing a degree or prior professional experience (I didn’t have any of that when I got started either!). Abbi will walk you through a foolproof system to attract clients and produce outstanding work! With Abbi’s guidance, you’ll navigate the pitfalls and fast-track your writing career.

Don’t miss this chance to join the ranks of successful freelance writers – enroll in “Writing for Money” now and experience immediate results!

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Why This Program?

If you’re a busy woman who dreams of starting a successful freelance writing business and getting paid to write, then “Writing for Money” is the program for you. Created by Abbi, a seasoned freelance writer with over 20 years of experience, this comprehensive program will empower you to work from home and earn a steady income.

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Unlike other programs, “Writing for Money” was created by a woman (Abbi, pictured just below!) who understand the demands of motherhood.

Writing for Money Review

She understands the late nights, the early mornings.

She knows what it’s like to balance work with school runs, doctor’s appointments, and the unexpected surprises that life with kids often brings.

Unlike other programs, “Writing for Money” is designed with the understanding that your time is precious and unpredictable.

Abbi’s program is not just about freelance writing; it’s about creating a successful career that fits seamlessly into the beautiful chaos of motherhood.

Backed by Abbi’s extensive experience and success in the industry, with “Writing for Money” you can learn from her mistakes and avoid common pitfalls. You don’t need social media followers or a website to begin your freelance writing journey. You don’t need experience, a fancy website, or a big social media following (or any following at all for that matter!)

Abbi will guide you through the process of finding clients, maintaining a steady flow of work, and securing high-paying writing jobs.

Features and Benefits

Unlocking Your Potential:

Abbi’s program provides you with a step-by-step system to attract and retain paying clients, enabling you to tap into your full writing potential.

Tailored to Your Needs:

“Writing for Money” is specifically designed for busy women who desire to work from home. The program can be customized to fit your unique circumstances and family responsibilities.

Access to Abbi’s Expertise:

Abbi’s 20 years of freelance writing experience and success will guide you through the program, offering invaluable insights and tips to accelerate your writing career.

Versatile Writing Services:

Learn to identify various writing services to offer clients, increasing your chances of securing a consistent flow of work and positioning yourself as an expert in the field.

Check out the Writing for Money Review here.

Product Quality

Abbi’s “Writing for Money” program is built upon integrity, authenticity, and a genuine desire to help women succeed in freelance writing. Abbi’s vast experience and expertise, coupled with her commitment to providing valuable content, make this program a reliable and high-quality resource for aspiring writers.

What It’s Used For

Building a Strong Foundation:

Over the course of 12 weeks, “Writing for Money” will set a solid foundation for your freelance writing business, teaching you essential time management skills and offering strategies to thrive in the industry.

Connecting with Clients:

Learn how to effectively connect with clients and find opportunities, even when companies are not actively advertising for freelance writers.

Maintaining a Consistent Flow of Work:

Abbi’s program will equip you with the tools and knowledge to ensure a consistent, reliable flow of writing projects and income.

Positioning Yourself as an Expert:

Through Abbi’s guidance, learn to position yourself as an expert in the writing field, attracting high-paying clients who appreciate your expertise.

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Writing for Money Review

Product Specifications

Please refer to the table below for a visual representation of the “Writing for Money” program specifications:

Program Length 12 weeks
Available Bonuses Magical Client-Finding Formula, Fast Track to Freelance Writer tutorials, Quick Cash Injection training
Instructor Abbi
Target Audience Busy women who want to work from home
Prerequisites None
Method of Delivery Online video lessons, downloadable resources
Cost Visit the website for current pricing information

Who Needs This

“Writing for Money” is specifically designed for busy women – and particularly busy moms – who dream of working from home and building a successful freelance writing career. If you have a passion for writing and are ready to put in the work to achieve your goals, this program is perfect for you. Whether you have previous writing experience or have been out of the workforce for a while to raise your littles, “Writing for Money” will give you with the skills and knowledge to kickstart your writing career.

Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive program with a step-by-step system
  • No degree or professional experience required
  • Backed by Abbi’s extensive experience and success
  • Addresses common misconceptions about freelance writing
  • Provides strategies to secure high-paying writing jobs
  • Offers valuable bonuses to enhance your success


  • Program may not be suitable for individuals who do not enjoy writing or have no interest in pursuing freelance writing as a career (but that’s not you, is it?)


  • Q: Do I need a degree or professional experience to enroll in “Writing for Money”? A: No, the program is designed for individuals without formal qualifications or professional writing experience.
  • Q: Do I need some big audience or social media following in order to land clients? Nope! You don’t need a website, portfolio, or social media following to get started.
  • Q: Will I need to invest in additional tools or resources? A: No, Abbi provides all the necessary tools, templates, and guidance within the program.
  • Q: Is there a money-back guarantee? A: Yes, “Writing for Money” offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction with the program.

Writing for Money Review

What Other Mamas Are Saying

I’ve been a member of Abbi’s membership group for well-over a year now, and it is chock full trainings just like this! I’ve seen the value and results she delivers firsthand – both in my own personal experience implementing her methods and amongst the other mamas in the group:

Countless people landing their first clients in a matter of weeks…

Landing high-paying retainers…

Raising their rates with confidence…

Overcoming imposter syndrome…

Basically, all kinds of quick success that might have otherwise taken YEARS to achieve by scouring the internet for free tips and trying to make sense of all the different methods freelance writing “gurus” are teaching online.

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Plus, like I already mentioned, Abbi can relate to your busy life as a mom like many other coaches in the writing world can’t.

She’s a mom to 5 kids (one being special needs) and has built an incredibly successful freelance business around her family’s needs (instead of having to sacrifice her family to make money…)

Here’s what other students have said:

“Honestly, enrolling in ‘Writing for Money’ was the best decision I’ve ever made. Abbi’s program has completely transformed my writing career. I went from struggling to find clients to having a consistent flow of work and earning thousands of dollars within just a few weeks. Abbi’s guidance and expertise are invaluable.” – Sarah T.

“I highly recommend ‘Writing for Money’ to any busy woman who dreams of working from home and getting paid to write. Abbi breaks down the process in a simple and easy-to-understand way, making it accessible to anyone. The bonuses included are incredibly helpful and further enhance the overall value of the program.” – Emily R.

Overall Value

“Writing for Money” offers exceptional value for busy women who aspire to start a freelance writing business. With Abbi’s guidance, you can bypass common mistakes, accelerate your writing career, and achieve financial success from the comfort of your own home. The program’s comprehensive content, additional bonuses, and proven results make it a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about pursuing freelance writing as a career!

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To maximize the benefits of the “Writing for Money” program, here are my best tips:

  1. Stay committed and dedicated throughout the 12-week program.
  2. Take advantage of the additional bonuses offered to enhance your success.
  3. Engage with the program’s online community for support and networking opportunities.
  4. Implement Abbi’s strategies and advice consistently (don’t get distracted by shiny objects!)
  5. Treat freelance writing as a business and invest time and effort into growing it.

Final Thoughts

“Writing for Money” is a comprehensive program designed to help busy mama’s like YOU start a successful freelance writing career and earn an income from home. Abbi’s12-week program offers a step-by-step system to attract paying clients, deliver exceptional results, and position yourself as an expert in this field. Backed by Abbi’s 20 years of expertise and extensive experience, this program provides invaluable strategies, tips, and additional bonuses to help you make the money you’ve been dreaming of, but on YOUR terms.

If you’re ready to turn your passion for writing into a thriving freelance writing career, then “Writing for Money” is the program for you.

Don’t waste time trying to navigate the industry on your own…

Enroll now and embark on your journey to becoming a successful freelance writer! Let “Writing for Money” guide you, and soon you’ll be waking up energized, excited to serve your clients, and building the life you’ve always wanted.

Get your own Writing for Money Review today.



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